The beautiful 18" round LED signs are available with interchangeable graphics; you pick which product line you want to display. Graphics available include: ENVIROBASE® High Performance, AQUABASE® Plus, VIBRANCE COLLECTION®, DITZLER®, PPG and Commercial Coatings.

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PPG Automotive Refinish has released an enhanced version of its PAINTMANAGER® program specific to the RAPIDMATCH™ X-5 spectrophotometer and software workflow. The new RapidMatch software—with an improved color formula retrieval workflow process—is designed to increase speed, productivity and formula match accuracy. Combined with PPG’s advanced RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer, the software uses sophisticated algorithms to join match rating with a new texture indicator. This, along with other innovative features, produces a heightened level of color characterization and formula precision.

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May 20, 2014 – PPG Commercial Coatings has released MBE-200 2.1 VOC Epoxy Primer, a major addition to its line of premium CPC products. MBE-200 Epoxy Primer is a heavy-metals-free primer intended to perform in situations where medium film build requirements are appropriate.

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Crystallance™ Glass Flake Collection

Crystallance™ Glass Flakes

The CRYSTALLANCE™ glass flake collection contains six unique pigments that create bright finishes with intense sparkle and flare. The brilliant effect of these pigments is very evident in sunlight, and is ideal for jobs where an intense, dazzling shimmer is desired.

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