Trademark Ownership and Attribution

Big Flake, Color Accurate, Delfleet One, Duragel, Final Scuff, Multi-Prep, Murano, Paint drop in concentric circles over diamond design, Platinum E-College, PPG Logo (Revised Version) Collision Services, PPG Plus, Series20, Starfire, Value-Pro, We protect and beautify the world and We've Got You Covered are trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

1 Shot & Arrow & Concentric Circles Designs, the 2K logo, Acryli-Clean, AdjustRite, Aquabase, the Bulls Eye logo, Ceramiclear, CertifiedFirst, Chromatic, ColorMobile, ColorTalk, Concept, Convert with Confidence, Crystallance, Delclear, Delfleet, Delfleet Essential, Delta, Deltron, Dependable Ditzler Finishes D and Design, Diamond Coat, Ditzler, Durablade, Durabull, Duracryl, Durethane, Ecobase, En-V, Envirez, Envirobase, EuroPlus, FerroChrome, Field Master, Flamboyance, Flexative, Flexed "N" Flat, H2OSoClean, H2O-So-Clean, Inxel LogoLiquidMetal, Make it Happen with PPG, MaxMeyer Car w/ Dog, Paint Brush & Paint Can in White Circle, Mireon, Miscellaneous Design (Huey Paint Drop Caricature), Matthews Paint & Droplet & Rounded Rectangle, MVP Business Solutions MVP Stylized, NCT, Nexa, Nexa Autocolor and design, Nous Avons Passe au Vert, Omni, One Visit, OneChoice, Paint Drops Designs in Color, PaintManagerPPG Global Refinish System and design, the PPG logo, PPGCentral, Prizmatique, Quick Minor Damage Repair and circle design in rectangle,   Red Cap, RoadGuard, Satin Prime, Shop-Line, SideView Window, SparkleMist, Street Sweets, TechniFill, TechniGlaze, TecStar, Thermax, TotalSeal, TouchMix, Uni-Prime, Urotec, Velocity, Vibrance Collection A PPG Brand and Design, Vibrance Collection A PPG Brand in Stylized Letters with Line, V-Prime, V-Seal, We've Gone Green, X-Ray Estimating and X-Ray Repair Planning are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

ECK® is a registered trademark of Van Nay, LLC, used under license.