EC520 En-V® High Production Clearcoat Promotional Kit was developed to provide distributors the opportunity to market this user friendly Clearcoat. 
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P190-6920 Production Clearcoat Promotional Kit has been designed to provide our distributors the ability to market this industry friendly Clearcoat. 
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The product or products listed below are scheduled to be discontinued in 90 days.
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Mercedes-Benz has approved the use of the latest generation of PPG ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne automotive refinish system for Mercedes-Benz Canada’s Approved Collision program.

PPG has expanded its ADJUSTRITE® commercial estimating system Commercial Parts Listing Program with the addition of LKQ Corporation to its supplier database. 

PPG EC520 En-V® High Production Clearcoat, a state-of-the-art clearcoat designed expressly for use with ENVIROBASE® High Performance basecoat, has made its debut.

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VWM500 Custom Midcoat

VWM500 Custom Midcoat

VWM500 Custom Midcoat from the VIBRANCE COLLECTION® refinish system is a solvent-borne product specifically designed to create custom candy or pearl midcoat layers over waterborne basecoat.
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