Commercial Performance Coatings

Commercial Performance Coatings Color Selector

This color selector (CPCCT010) changes the game when it comes to managing industrial colors. The comprehensive and easy-to-use tool offers nearly 1,100 color chips, making it easy to match colors for any industrial or commercial segment. The CPC color selector can be viewed digitally here:
Market Segment/PPG Selectors/RAL


  • Historic colors included in other selectors (i.e., CPCDOX1, CPCACE, etc.)
  • Several RAL color (previously shown in CPCDOX2)
  • Common fleet colors
  • Competitive industrial colors
  • Colors aligned with specific market segments (i.e., agricultural, construction equipment, oil field, etc.)

The book uses clear sleeves containing fans organized by these color categories. Each color chip features the color name, corresponding PPG number, and a bar code that allows for immediate formula access using Color Accurate™ software.

Aquacron Color Selector

Aquacron® Color Selectors

Supporting the Aquacron® tint system are two excellent color selectors, providing some 2,800 unique color chips to find the ideal match for your customer. The Aquacron® brand color chip book (MVBK01) contains nearly 2,800 chips and the fan deck (MVFAN01) offers 180 of the most popular industrial colors.

Color Identifier Tool

Color Identifier Tool

Supporting the both the Commercial Performance Coatings and Aquacron® tint systems, the color identifier tool (MVCI01) enables you to quickly check a target substrate’s color and retrieve the closest color match available in the pre-formulated color space.

ACE Color Selector

Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) Color Selector

This reference guide contains a wide selection chips of popular OEM colors used on agricultural and construction equipment, including color codes for many of today's manufacturers. OHSA safety colors are also included.

The ACE Color Selector (CPC DOX 7) can be ordered from your local PPG Commercial Performance Coatings distributor or viewed digitally here.

Factory Packaged Colors

Factory Packaged Color Card

Many manufacturers have exact, distinct colors—and PPG has created this color card that contains large color chips of 9 pre-mixed, alkyd enamel colors available from Commercial Performance Coatings.

The Factory Packaged Color Card (CPCDOX 3) can be ordered from your local PPG CPC distributor.

RAL Color Deck

RAL Color Deck

This color chip fan deck provides 160 popular color choices, matched to European RAL standards for silky matte and glossy colors.

The RAL Color Selector (CPCDOX2) can be ordered from your local PPG Commercial Performance Coatings distributor.

The designation RAL, the logo RAL and RAL K7 are nationally and internationally registered trademarks of RAL gGmbH or of RAL Deutschland Institut fur Gutesicherung und Kennzeichnung e. V.

CPC Fan Deck

Color Fan Deck

With 165 popular solid and metallic colors as well as primers, this color chip fan deck is a useful color reference tool. The Color Fan Deck (CPC DOX 1) can be ordered from your local PPG CPC distributor.