PPG Refinish Notification
Obsolete Notice - Deltron (various)

September 12, 2011

The product(s) listed below have been discontinued. For additional information regarding discontinued products, please reference the PPG Canada Inc., Commercial Policies or contact your Sales Representative.
Code Name Size
DAS3021 V-Seal Acrylic Urethane Sealer-White 01
DAS3027 V-Seal Acrylic Urethane Sealer-Dark Gray 01
DC3000 High Velocity Clear 04
DCC9300 Concept Black 01
DCH3070 Low Temp Hardener 8Z
DCH3085 Mid Temp Hardener 8Z
DCH3095 High Temp Hardener 8Z
DCU2002 High Solids Polyurethane Clear 04
DCU2021 Urethan Clear 04
DCU2042 Low VOC Speed Clear 04
DCU2082 StratoClear 01
DCX8 Hardener - Medium Temperature 04
DCX9 High Temp. Force Dry Hardener 04
DMC901 Strong Tinting Black 04
DMC902 Carbon Black 04
DMC904 Red Shade Phthalo Blue 04
DMC908 Strong Yellow Oxide (Contains Lead) 04
DMC911 Brilliant Red 04
DMC917 Scarlet Red 04
DMC918 Red Shade Organic Yellow 04
DMC919 Inorganic Yellow 04
DMC923 Green Shade Phthalo Blue 01
DMC931 Quindo Violet 01
DMC932 Monastral Red 01
DMC934 Carbozole Violet 04
DMC936 Blue Shade Phthalo Green 01
DMC981 Aluminum Fine 04
DMC982 Aluminum Medium 04
DMC983 Aluminum Coarse 04
DMC984 Clear 04
DMD1684 Basecoat White 04
DMD635 Very Coarse Aluminum 01
DMD651 Fine Bright Aluminum 01
DP401LF Epoxy Primer Catalyst (Lead Free) 08
DP402LF Epoxy Primer Catalyst (Lead Free) 08
DP40LF Epoxy Primer Gray Green (Lead Free) 04
DP48LF Epoxy Primer-White 04
DP50LF Epoxy Primer Light Gray (Lead Free) 04
DP60LF Epoxy Primer Blue (Lead Free) 04
DP74LF Epoxy Primer Red (Lead Free) 04
DP90LF Epoxy Primer Black (Lead Free) 04
DPS3055 V-Prime Acrylic Urethane Surfacer 04
DPS3057 V-Prime Acrylic Urethane Surfacer-Dark Gray 01
DPX171 Non-Chrome Self Etching Primer 01
DPX172 Non-Chrome Self Etching Primer Catalyst 01
DT860 Reducer 04
DT87 Reducer 04
DT885 Reducer 04
DU5 Urethane Hardener 01
DU6 Urethane Hardener 01
DX685 Urethane Flattening Agent 04
DZ3 Kondar Light Gray Acrylic Primer Surfacer 01
DZ3 Kondar Light Gray Acrylic Primer Surfacer 04
K93 Tintable Primer Surfacer-Sealer 01
NCP250 NCT Primer 01
NCP271 Corosion Resistant Primer 04
NCX255 NCT Primer Catalyst 8Z
NCX275 Corrosion Resistant Primer 8Z

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