PPG Refinish Notification
Deltron Basecoat DBU/DIU Announcement

June 29, 2017

When PPG first launched the DELTRON® DBU paint system in the late 1980’s it set the pace for what was evolving in the paint industry. We have come a long way since then, current technology has provided us with longer lasting products, and more user friendly systems have been developed. Over the past several years, we have recorded a steady decline in demand for our DBU paint system. As a result of this decline, PPG will be discontinuing the DBU platform. Existing inventory will be available until stock is depleted.

Please begin to transition your existing DBU customers over to one of our other basecoat systems.

We have very strong options for you to choose from moving forward that will provide you with the quality, color match, and performance that you have been accustomed to receiving.

Suggested Replacements:

  • OMNI® 3.5 VOC Acrylic Basecoat MBX

  • Omni Plus 3.5 VOC Acrylic Urethane Basecoat MBPX

  • SHOP-LINE® 3.5 VOC Acrylic Basecoat JBX

  • Shop-Line Plus 3.5 VOC Acrylic Urethane Basecoat JBPX

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