PPG Refinish Notification
Shipping of waterborne paint

October 30, 2017

With the onset of colder weather and the potential of waterborne products freezing in temperatures 5°C or below; PPG will no longer ship waterborne products on Thursdays or Fridays, starting Thurs. Nov.2, 2017 until April 27, 2018. Please place your orders for waterborne products accordingly.

It is recommended all products should be wrapped in an insulated foil wrap. This can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. The best protection is to use styrofoam containers.

When using couriers to deliver your paint, be sure to state Protect From Freezing on the shipping paperwork as well as using the Do Not Freeze labels on the paint. This label, available in different sizes, incorporates a picture of a penguin with a line through it (see below). They can be ordered through the website www.The ComplianceCenter.com.

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