PPG Refinish Notification
Introducing Metal Test Panels in Shades of Gray

April 4, 2018

PPG is pleased to announce that metal test panels in shades of gray are now available through the online ordering. Each shade of gray is packaged 100 panels to a box and the item number for each shade of gray is listed below.


Product Code Description UOM/Size
DEX1441 Test Panel-G1 Color (100) Box/BX
DEX1442 Test Panel-G3 Color (100) Box/BX
DEX1443 Test Panel-G5 Color (100) Box/BX
DEX1444 Test Panel-G6 Color (100) Box/BX
DEX1445 Test Panel-G7 Color (100) Box/BX

Also Available

DEX1448 - Test Panel Holder
The metal test panels work very well with the handhelpd magnetic card holder.  Available now through online ordering.
DEX510 - Color Spray Out Cabinet
Along with the metal test panels and magnetic holder, PPG is also introducing a revised cabinet to house your spray out cards.  The cabinet has 84 pegs, with each peg able to hold 40 test panels and ships fully assembled.  Available now through online ordering.


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