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New Vibrance Collection Murano Pearls

February 5, 2018

Product Information

Murano Pearls draw inspiration from the original Murano pigments introduced in Europe in the early 1960s. Soon after they became wildly popular in the custom car world, even appearing on some OEM Concept Cars. Each Murano Pearl creates a unique color-shifting effect that can go from subtle to brilliant, depending on what the creator desires. Offered in four colors, these pigments can be added directly to basecoat, ground coat, or mid coat to create an exceptional color effect.

Murano™ Pearl Collection

VM4601 Murano Gold
VM4602 Murano Red
VM4603 Murano Violet
VM4604 MuranoBlue

Marketing Information:

  • Intermixes with Deltron®, Global Refinish System®, Envirobase® High Performance and Aquabase® Plus basecoat systems
  • Can be used with all other Vibrance Collection® custom finishes, including Radiance® II candy dyes
  • Pigments provide unique color space with dramatic flop angles
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Refer to P-Sheet VB-27 or visit www.ppgrefinish.com for further information
  • Available to order immediately

Color Information


In support of the launch of the Murano Pearls Collection, we are offering a new color card to provide a visual display of the color effect capability of the Murano Pearls. This card shows how the pearls look when applied as a mid coat over black, as a mid coat over white, and mixed directly into black basecoat. These pearls can be used in unlimited ways with basecoat formulas, only limited by the custom painter’s imagination.

The part number for this new card is VBCS473 and can be ordered online or by contacting PPG Customer Service at 800-647-6050.

Download the Murano™ Pearls Product Data Sheet

Download the VM4601 Murano™ Gold SDS Sheet
Download the VM4602 Murano™ Red SDS Sheet
Download the VM4603 Murano™ Violet SDS Sheet
Download the VM4604 Murano™ Blue SDS Sheet

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