PPG Refinish Notification
Omni Toner Fan Deck

December 14, 2018

Part Number: OBTT1003

Tinting guides are an important tool to assist the body shop user in achieving a successful color match.
This tool comes in the form of a fully chipped fan to support the Omni® refinish paint system.
This is a functional, easy to use companion tool to the tint posters. Each page displays the innovative visual pictogram and product code at the top.
The fan contains:

  • 75 pages

  • a total of 209 color chips

  • reduction information under each chip

One of the most important design features of this fan is that it can be easily updated in the future when new toners are released. Customers will be able to update the tool themselves as new update pages can be easily inserted between the appropriate existing pages.
The Omni® Toner Fan Deck, part number OBTT1003, is available to order through
the PPG online ordering system.

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