PPG Refinish Notification
Envirobase High Performance Waterborne Paint System Variant Update 1 of 2021

June 9, 2021

The 1 of 2021 Chromatic Update (R4524/EA) and Motor Manufacturer Update (R4033/EA) will begin shipping this week. You should receive a sufficient number of updates for each color deck at your store(s) and for your customers' shops.

Please contact PPG's Customer Service Team at 1-888-310-4762, if you have any questions about this update or if you did not receive the correct number of update kits. Please be sure to update the variant systems at your store and your customers' shops.

All checklists can be found in the ​"Bulletins & Checklists" section on us.PPGRefinish.com​.

Variant decks ordered after July 5th will include the 1 of 2021 update.

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