PPG Refinish Notification
Obsolescence & New Product Notice – SHOP-LINE® Product(s)

May 12, 2023

Due to an abrupt raw material issue the product listed below is no longer available.
A replacement toner has been identified but is not a direct replacement, therefore color matching needs to take place. Color matching is currently underway with priority on matching the most popular colors first. Because J61 is no longer available, the new toner (J39), will be available prior to completing all color matching. Colors will be added to the software as soon as they are matched. Please call the color library for colors needed during this time.
Code Name Size Suggested replacement*
J61 Deep Violet Toner 04 J39
*As the replacement product is new for the Shop-Line product line, please see product announcements for more information and pricing.
For additional information regarding (TBD) products, please refer to the policies guide or contact your sales representative.

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