MC2910 EUROPLUS™ Multi-Panel Clearcoat
MC2910 EUROPLUS™ Multi-Panel Clearcoat

The Omni MC2910 EuroPlus Multi-Panel Clearcoat delivers outstanding gloss and appearance. Available for use in all markets, this easy-to-use clear has a simple mix ratio and is ideal for large repairs, or where a high gloss finish is desired. MC2910 can be used with your choice of two hardeners to easily adjust to job size and working conditions while delivering impressive performance and an eye-catching appearance.


Clear Hardener
MC2910 EuroPlus Multi-Panel Clearcoat MH2918 Activator (65–85°F / 18–29°C)
MH2919 High Temp Activator (85+°F / 29+°C)

Compatible Products

Can be applied over:
MBPX Omni Plus Acrylic Urethane Basecoat
MBX Acrylic Basecoat
MTX Single Stage
MLX Acrylic Enamel

Mixing Ratio

MC2910 : MH291X
2 : 1

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