Commercial Specialty Products

Protect your commercial vehicles with the latest in advanced technologies. PPG has you covered with its DuraBull heavy-duty, Corashield® anti-chip, and award-winning Audioguard® sound-dampening coatings, as well as with ECK® corrosion prevention compound.

Audioguard® coatings
Reduce vehicle vibration and interior noise using the award-winning waterborne Audioguard® acoustical coatings

Corashield® coatings
Prevent chipping, cracking and marring of surfaces with waterborne Corashield® protective undercoat.

DuraBull coatings
Protect your heavy-duty vehicles and equipment with the ultimate in heavy-duty protective coatings. The DuraBull coating is also an ultra-low VOC product.

ECK® compound
Stop dissimilar metal corrosion before it starts by applying ECK® corrosion prevention compound.


  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Sound dampening capability
  • Chip resistance options
  • Zero-VOC and non-HAP coatings available
  • Includes waterborne products


Protect your heavy-duty vehicles and equipment with the ultimate in heavy-duty protective coatings.

DuraBull™ Heavy Duty Protective Coatings

Protect your vehicle and equipment with the ultimate heavy-duty protection.

Your heavy-duty vehicles and equipment can now wear the ultimate in heavy-duty protection and good looks—with a spray-on, non-skid DuraBull™ Heavy-Duty Protective Coating from PPG.

From exterior high-use work areas like running boards, steps and deck lids to cab interiors and storage cabinets, DuraBull™ offers the ideal protection for all kinds of surfaces that experience day-in and day-out abuse.

DuraBull™ Heavy-Duty Protective Coating is currently only available for ordering in the United States.


  • Superior exterior durability
  • Non-skid surface to keep cargo in place and avoid slips
  • Eliminates fading and chalking
  • Excellent impact and crack resistance
  • Superior performance at 1/3 the aftermarket film build
  • Dries to the touch in minutes
  • Available in safety gray and black, with tinted color capability

Ideal for:

  • OEM Heavy Duty Truck Body Builders, such as:
    • Fire & Emergency Vehicles
    • Concrete Truck
    • Dump Trucks
    • Service Utility Vehicles
    • Refuse & Recycling Trucks
    • Crane Trucks
  • Trailer Manufacturers
    • Horse
    • Cargo
    • Commercial Over-the-Road
    • Boat & Watercraft
    • Flatbed

Equipment: DuraBull™ Heavy Duty Protective Coatings

Spray equipment, set-up and support—PPG makes it easy...

What can you expect after ordering?

Equipment Customization

We will customize your new equipment to meet the stringent temperature, pressure and mix ratio requirements critical to the successful application of aliphatic polyurea.

Testing & Calibration

We will perform in-house testing and calibration before delivery is arranged.

On-Site Training

A PPG expert will arrive with your equipment to provide on-site training on how to spray DuraBull safely and productively.

PPG-Optimized Application Equipment

Graco® Reactor H-XP2 Hydraulic Pump

  • Top-of-the-line system
  • Specifically designed to apply DuraBull™ with the accurate temperatures and pressures necessary for superior results
  • Provides highest value for the greatest performance
  • Intended for high-output application; ideal for in-plant OEMs
  • Provides superior, uninterrupted performance
  • On-board system diagnostics and material data provide total operational control over temperature and performance
  • Fewer working parts and a modular design reduces the cost and time spent on maintenance

Graco GX-7 DI Spray Gun

  • Great mixing and pattern control
  • Mechanical-purge for dependable performance
  • Fewer parts equals easier cleaning
  • Proven as the most dependable gun in the business

Equipment: DuraBull™ Heavy Duty Protective Coatings

Harness the reputation of PPG for your brand.

PPG is known and respected worldwide for its expertise and innovation in coatings technology. Customers throughout the world rely on PPG to bring them the latest and best in all kinds of finishes. Isn't it time you put the power of PPG to work for you?

DuraBull Performance Test Results

Weathering Minimal loss of gloss with no chalking or fading at 1- and 2-years FL, 5000+ kj Xenon WOM
Heat/Cold Resistance No appearance or performance change after 500 hours at 90°C and 3 hours at -40°C
Weathering No appearance or performance change after 24 hours:
  • spot testing with sulfuric acid, 5% caustic soda, cedar oil (class 1 reagent) and albumin, brake fluid
  • immersion in class 3 anti-freeze and SJ 5W-30 engine oil
  • 45° angle drip testing with leaded and lead-free gasoline or soak testing with lead-free and E85 gasoline
Abrasion Resistance Minor loss of gloss and no film loss after 100 cycles of Taber test with CST10 wheel at 500g load, 400 cycles in "A" nail test with 907g load, and 10- and 30-strokes in crockmeter test with 800 grit paper
Impact Resistance No damage observe when 500g steel ball is dropped from height of 100 cm
Chip Resistance No damage observed in SAEJ400 gravelometer testing using no. 6 and 7 crushed stone, five cups of no. 8 road gravel, and hexagon nuts with panels at 25°C and -20°C

Proven Tough Against the Competition

Brand Init. Gloss (60) 288 Hours 586 Hours 1347 Hours 3000 Hours
Competitor 1 7.4 0.5 0
Competitor 2 7.7 0.5 0
Competitor 3 2.3 0.5 0
Competitor 4 72 28 12    
PPG 30 30 27 25 18

No VOC documents available for this brand.


P8060 Audioguard Acoustic Coating SDS English Spanish French


P8175 Audioguard Acoustic Coating SDS English Spanish French


P8001 Corashield Waterborne Anti-Chip Coating CSPB001 SDS English Spanish French


P8071-RF Corashield Waterborne Anti-Chip Coating SDS English Spanish French

Discontinued Product Codes

BUL100190 Small Area Repair Material—BUL100190 Polyurea Protective Coating (Black) DuraBull™ SDS English

Discontinued Product Codes

P7972-W Corashield Waterborne Anti-Chip Coating SDS English Spanish French


BUL100100 DuraBull Protective Coating (Black) SDS English


BUL100101 DuraBull Protective Coating (Safety Medium Gray) SDS English


BUL100X DuraBull Catalyst SDS


ECKPB01 ECK (Electrolysis Corrosion Kontrol - USA Only) SDS English Spanish French