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Delfleet One™

We asked fleet operations, body builders and truck repair facilities for their input on creating a premium paint system that can best fulfill the wide-ranging needs of today’s commercial transportation industry. The result is the Delfleet One™ paint system from PPG—an innovative, truly revolutionary solution that delivers unparalleled color capability, painter-friendly application, versatile speed control for all types of jobs, and the industry’s lowest VOC ratings. Ideal for paint operations of virtually every size and specialty, the Delfleet One™ system brings commercial vehicle coatings to an entirely new level of performance—one that does it all. Welcome to the next generation of commercial coatings.


  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Full color capability
  • Dedicated primers and clears
  • Shared reducers and hardeners
  • Low inventory costs
  • The industry's lowest VOC for a premium paint system
  • An unparalleled commitment to training and support

Fleet Color Selectors

Delfleet One™ Color Selector

Delfleet One Color Selector

Painters faced with the everyday challenge of precisely matching commercial vehicle colors will love the Delfleet One™ Color Selector. It houses 3,780 OEM color chips, including hundreds of variant colors, providing “what you see is what you’ll spray” accuracy for precisely matching commercial vehicle colors. The large chips are arranged chromatically, making it easier to find one that best matches the target color.


  • More than 3,700 selections
  • Exclusive "real world" color chips
  • Large color chips arranged chromatically making it easy to find the right match
  • Easy-to-use ring design

The Delfleet One brand Color Selector can be ordered from your local PPG distributor.

Delfleet Evolution Color Selector

Delfleet® Evolution Color Selector

It’s the convenient way to select the right color for your rig. With more than 3,600 metallic and solid color choices to choose from—more than any other fleet matching tool—this innovative Delfleet® Evolution brand color selector makes it easy to find the best match for today's trucks and commercial vehicles. The 42 color decks are neatly organized by color group, so it's simple to find the right color family and the right color group. Once a color is selected, the large chip size and ringed design make it convenient to match the chip against the vehicle and compare the color.


  • More than 3,600 selections
  • Full spectrum of metallic and solid colors
  • 42 color decks, organized by color group for added convenience
  • Easy-to-use ring design
  • One color per chip
  • Large, 2″ x 4″ chip size makes it easy to compare chip to vehicle color
  • Wide choice of chips to match many commercial truck colors
  • Replacement decks can be ordered separately
  • Additional segment decks available for purchase separately:
    • Class VIII repair – ARCT104
    • School Bus – DOXCS101
    • Fire and Emergency – DOXCS104

The Delfleet® Evolution brand Color Selector (DOX243) can be ordered from your local PPG distributor.

Fleet Color Selector

Commercial Truck Color Selector

Developed for use with either the Delfleet® Evolution or Delfleet Essential® paint systems, this color selector contains paint chips for today’s popular fleet colors, including 100 solid and 200 sparkling metallic/mica color choices. The Commercial Truck Color Selector (CTCS1001) can be ordered from your local PPG distributor.

Western Star™ Trucks Color Selector

Western Star Trucks

Since Western Star paints all of its trucks with Delfleet® paint, this color selector is a handy reference tool when selecting colors for a new Western Star vehicle or for refinishing. The selector contains chips of all approved colors, a paint specifications guide, and ordering information.

The WESTERN STAR® Color Selector (ARCT1001) can be ordered from your local PPG distributor.

Western Star is a registered trademark of Daimler Trucks North America LLC.

Delfleet Essential Tint Chart Guide  
Delfleet Essential® brand Tint Guide Posters (Part # DESTT1002)
Delfleet Evolution Tint Guide Delfleet Evolution Mixing Bases Tint Guide
Delfleet® Evolution brand Tint Guide Posters (Part # DFTTT1002 – both posters)
Tint Guide Posters

The Delfleet® Evolution brand tint guide posters are valuable tools for identifying the color properties of specific toners when a color requires tinting. Technicians find that these tools make it easy to determine how using a specific toner will move a color.

View All Tint Guides

DFOTB-205 Finish Detailing and Polishing DFOTB-205


F1BC Ultra Low VOC Basecoat DFO-121 SDS English French


F1DG Ultra Low VOC Direct Gloss DFO-122 SDS English French


F8600 Ultra Low VOC Repair Clearcoat DFO-141 SDS English French


F8605 Ultra Low VOC Clearcoat DFO-142 SDS English French


DFOTB-201 Color Lookup Process / Finding the Right Color DFOTB-201


DFOTB-202 Solvent and Hardener Information DFOTB-202 SDS


DFOTB-203a Standard Application Guide DFOTB-203a


DFOTB-203b Visual Standard Application Guidelines DFOTB-203b SDS


DFOTB-204 Repair Processes DFOTB-204 SDS

Primers & Surfacers

F1M Ultra Low VOC Matte Topcoat DFO-123 SDS English French

Primers & Surfacers

F8801/WH/BK Thin Film Epoxy Primers Gray/White/Black DFO-101 SDS English French

Primers & Surfacers

F8802/WH/BK Sandable Epoxy Primers Gray/White/Black DFO-102 SDS English French

Primers & Surfacers

F8810/WH/BK Urethane Primers DFO-111 SDS English French

Primers & Surfacers

F8811 Urethane Surfacer DFO-112 SDS English French


F8812/WH/BK Fast Dry Sealer DFO-113 SDS English French