Custom Finishes

You don’t have to explain it to us. Hot rods and choppers. Fad-T buckets and daily drivers. If it moves, it moves you. And just as you express that passion in a spray booth, we do the same in the chemistry lab. The Vibrance Collection® custom finishes give you the latest colors, micas, pigments and special effects to bring your ideas to life. So, if it rolls, rumbles or roars, now the only limitation is your imagination.

Crystal Pearl™

A dazzling selection of the newest Crystal Pearl™ mica pigments creates brilliant 3-dimensional, glimmering effects.


Six colors of Crystallance® glass flakes create brilliant finishes with intense sparkle and shimmering flare.

Custom System


VP2050 Direct-to-Metal High Build Primer
A fast-drying, easy-to-sand primer that can be applied direct to metal.


VWM5555 & VWM5556 Waterborne Midcoats
Designed for PPG waterborne basecoats—the compliant midcoat solution when creating custom finishes.


VC5700 Custom Clear
A high build, easy to apply urethane clearcoat that provides a deep, high gloss appearance perfect for a show quality finish.

VC5225 Soft Touch Clear
A silky smooth texture and a very low sheen finish for trim accents and interiors.

Choose between silver, gold, five primary colors or four color shifting metallic flakes to create a bold finish reminiscent of ’70s-era show cars and custom bikes.


Deep, rich colors can be custom formulated and combined to produce any number of gorgeous tri-coat effects.

Harlequin® & Harlequin® Essence

Why settle for one color when you can have six? Exotic, color-shifting special effect pigments capable of creating rides impossible to ignore.


It’s silver on steroids for an ultra-smooth, faux-metal finish.


Shimmering and shifting, this “color travel” pigment creates a dazzling effect on basecoat and tri-coat finishes.

Murano™ Pearls

Each Murano™ Pearl creates a unique color-shifting effect that can go from subtle to brilliant, depending on what the creator desires.

Prizmatique® & Prizmatique® II

Special multi-colored flakes in two sizes create a finish that glitters and sparkles with a rainbow of color.

Radiance® II

A sweeter “candy” you won’t find. These toners and dyes offer a rich array of tri-stage finishes.

A rich palette of colored aluminum pigments, inspired by ancient mythology.