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Pour Spout Identifier and Mix Machine Items

Part Number


Types of Cans

DOX318 plastic capDOX318 1 1/8" All Plastic Plastic threaded half pint, pint and quart Accupour cans. Examples are DCX61, DCH3085, etc., plastic threaded rectangular pint and quart cans with plastic spout. Examples are D884, D8291, etc.
DOX337 Plastic SpoutDOX337 1 1/8" Metal and Plastic Metal threaded Accupour quarts. Examples are DPX801, MR295, DT885, etc.
DOX339DOX339 1 1/4" All Plastic Metal threaded square gallon cans. Examples are DT870, D870, SX330, MR295, JT501, etc.
DOX345DOX345 1 1/8" All Plastic All plastic white pint and quart bottles. Examples are DP401LV, SX84, etc.
DOX382DOX382 1 1/4" All Plastic Plastic gallon jugs. Examples are T494, T595, SX103, SWX350, etc.
DOX530DOX530 Plastic Bottle The plastic dispensing bottle for ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne thinner. (T494, T495)
DOX540DOX540 Plastic Bottle The plastic dispensing bottle for AQUABASE® Plus waterborne thinner. (P980-5000, P980-5085)
DEX412DEX412 Waterborne Mixing Dosers For use on Envirobase High Performance and Aquabase Plus waterborne mixing tints.
DEX620DEX620 Waterborne Primer Shaker Collar For EPW115 and P950-5505 waterborne primers only.
9912-789912-78 Pouring Spouts Form 330ml and 500ml cans with plastic threads. Examples are 2K® P433 and P440 special effect toners.
9912-78DEX1911 Gallon Mixing Lid Round Gallon and 3.5 Liter cans.
9912-78DEX1916 Half Quart / Quart / 1 Liter Mixing Lid Round Quart, Half Quart and 1 Liter cans.
9912-78DEX1703 Quart / Liter Riser Allows user to place quart or liter cans on gallon shelves. Attaches magnetically for easy positioning.
9912-78DOX355 Hand Crank Attaches to the DEX1916 or DEX1911 lids to manually mix paint.

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