Manufacturers are using exotic colors to differentiate their brands in the market. Pigments in these colors are very vibrant, highly chromatic, and often translucent.  Toyota 3R3, Chrysler PB8, and Kia XMJ are a few examples.  When performing a repair on these types of colors, it is important that the painter use the correct G-shade sealers or basecoat ground coat to achieve the best possible match.  PPG's PAINTMANAGER® software provides the correct G-shade recommendation on every formula.  As a painter, pay close attention to the G-shade recommendations and re-creating these striking new OE colors will be a snap.

Pre-Cleaners are a critical component to the painting process. Both a waterborne and solventborne cleaner should be used to remove all contaminants from a surface. When using a pre-cleaner such as DX330 Wax and Grease Remover or ONECHOICE® SWX350 H20-SO-CLEAN® Waterborne Pre-cleaner , DO NOT allow the cleaner to dry on the panel. Cleaners are designed to float contaminants to the surface and then be wiped with a clean, dry cloth. If it is not completely wiped dry before painting, wipe marks may be evident in the finished film. This may lead to paint failures such as blistering and adhesion loss.

Whether you use cleaner from an aerosol can or a pump applicator, always apply utilizing this "Spray on / Wipe off" procedure.