SU470LV is compliant for all markets and can be used under all PPG and NEXA AUTOCOLOR® branded undercoats and topcoats. It requires no additional reduction - it is ready-to-spray out of the can! SU470LV also contains a mica pigment that allows you to see the product as it is being applied.  SU470LV eliminates the need to carry multiple adhesion promoters on your shelf.  One product is all it takes to provide exceptional adhesion to bare, unprimed, automotive plastics.

Review product data sheet OC-35 SU470LV for additional information.


While matte finishes are still a popular look for many custom paint jobs, they are not just for the custom market anymore. Many OE manufacturers offer low gloss finishes as a way to differentiate their products and give customers a way to stand out in the crowd.

A good low gloss finish has a smooth and uniform appearance and PPG has many tools to help you create this. From products to how-to videos and low gloss chip guides, click on the link below to see all of the items available to help you create a fantastic low gloss finish with ease.

View low gloss how-to content here

Did you know there are new colors available in the VIBRANCE COLLECTION® custom color offering?  29 new pearls, metallic and candies representing some of the most popular colors in the market are now available through the following color retrieval software applications: PAINTMANAGER®, COLORMOBILE® and Online color formulations. Capturing the allure of your favorite candies, these mouth-watering formulations can transform any ride into a tasty visual treat.

These colors will be supported by a new color card showcasing the STREET SWEETS™ custom paint collection. This color card will be available later this spring. Check out the attachment below for a sneak-peak of the available colors!

To search for the colors in any of the software platforms, use the brand code search or search by the color description, making sure to change your “Source Type” to “Paint Manufacturers”.

Check out the Street Sweets custom paint collection here.

For paint room efficiency, use the RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer to identify the right color formula early – before the vehicle enters the paint booth.  Why?  It’s all about the numbers.

  • Time to download and retrieve results - cut in half
  • Find the closest match in just "2" clicks
  • Getting to zero - That's right. With the largest paint formula database, achieving Match Ratings of "0" are now a proven fact
The new intuitive workflow and final results screen includes both Match Ratings and Texture providing a new level of color characterization. For more information on how you can revolutionize the mixing room with Green, Green, GO SPEED AND CONFIDENCE, download the Quick Reference Guide.