Did you know that the new ENIVROBASE® High Performance En-V™ EC530 clearcoat has 3 specially formulated temperature adjusted reducers?  Based on new resin technology, EC530 is the first clearcoat to be offered that utilizes these unique reducers.  The reducers will help painters "dial in" their clearcoat application based on spray room parameters and allow flexibility to paint from 1 panel to a complete overall.  Additionally, painters outside of compliant areas have the choice to use these special reducers or their standard “DT” or “D” series reducers.  Keep in mind too, if the repair is large (> 3 panels), consider moving to a higher temperature reducer to keep the film open longer.  Either way, painters will be rewarded with a clearcoat that is easy to apply and provides superior gloss and hardness out of bake.

Download the EC530 Product Data Sheet

Have you ever had trouble determining which pour spouts fit a certain bottle or can? There’s now a Pour Spout Identifier available on-line at ppgrefinish.com! It contains the part number, picture of the spout, as well as examples of the types of cans or bottle it fits. This chart can print on 11x17 paper size and is a great reference to keep handy in your store!

Click here for the Pour Spout Identifier

When searching for a wheel, trim or exterior color – try PPG Paint It. This web based color tool provides a digital color representation of the Domestic and Import vehicle manufacturers – starting with model year 2008 and is updated when new programs are available. The greatest feature of this tool – exterior and non-body information linked so finding the wheel color for a 2014 Ford Edge is simple and easy.

Other Features:

  • Color Representation (Prime/No.1)
  • Exterior and Non-Body Information Linked
  • Domestic/Import Car Colors
  • Sort by Model
  • Sort by Usage (wheel, trim, etc.)
  • Sort by Year
  • 2008 - Current Year
  • Web Based, PC/Tablet Friendly
  • No Subscription Required
  • Digital Image Linked to Online Color Formulations(Password Required)

The Paint It app is the newest approach to color identification and selection, and is now available for the NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand paint systems. Try it on your iPad® or tablet. Go to www.ppgpaintit.com or www.nexaautocolorpaintit.com today.

And for collision shops with internet connectivity to the mixing room computer – load the Paint It desktop icon for direct access to the information for the vehicle in the booth.