Commercial Coatings Programs
Commercial Coatings Programs

No matter what you’re painting, from vehicle fleets, trucks and trailers to industrial equipment and machinery, PPG Commercial Coatings has got you covered with industry-leading programs, product and technical support.

AdjustRite® Commercial Estimating System
Commercial Truck Group
Commercial Distributor Locator
Corrosion Protection Audit
PPG Commercial Vehicle Paint Performance Warranty

AdjustRite® Commercial Estimating System

The AdjustRite® system is a logic-based estimating platform that features the use of the actual truck model information. The AdjustRite® advanced technology is capable of producing accurate, detailed estimates based on a sophisticated database, compiled from truck parts and repair data. The AdjustRite® estimating system is the first and only program that takes into consideration the overall repair process, including: overhaul, overlap, included operations, additional operations, and additional parts or materials associated with the repair.

Who needs the AdjustRite® estimating system?

  • Commercial truck dealers
  • Independent collision repair facilities
  • Fleet repair facilities
  • Independent adjusters
  • Insurance companies

Learn more—or try it for free—at the AdjustRite® commercial estimating system website.

AdjustRite® Plus Claims Management System

The AdjustRite® Plus claims management system has all of the same estimating features of the AdjustRite® program, plus it is the first and only full-service application that takes into consideration the overall commercial truck claim process, including: internal and external assignment dispatch, document and image upload and storage, condition reports, total loss evaluations, claim file notations, salvage bid requests, loss recovery demands, invoices, and management reports.

The system’s proprietary procedural logic and automated features dramatically reduce the time it takes to write a professional appraisal. Not only does the AdjustRite® Plus platform reduce the chance of errors, it also improves overall claim cycle-time and productivity. One of the system’s most unique features is the use of the actual truck model information. The AdjustRite® Plus advanced technology is capable of producing accurate, detailed appraisals based on a sophisticated database, compiled from truck parts and repair data.

Who needs the AdjustRite® Plus claims management system?

  • Insurance companies,
  • Independent adjusters,
  • Commercial truck claims management firms

Want to learn more? Read about the AdjustRite® Plus claims management system.


Commercial Truck Group

PPG understands that the best way to help experts is to help them connect with other experts. That’s why we formed the Commercial Truck Group, a forum comprised of business leaders like you (non-competitors, of course) who meet twice annually—with additional web conferences throughout the year—to talk about industry issues and challenges. It’s a great way to learn best practices, gauge your performance against industry averages and make valuable industry connections. Participants learn best practices to streamline operations and increase sales, network with other motivated and experienced professionals, and gain insights from other value chain members (such as parts suppliers, insurers, and more).

PPG’s Commercial Truck Group is ideal for collision shop managers, operations managers and shop owners at:

  • Independent shops
  • Dealerships
  • Multi-shop operations
  • National fleets

Joining the Commercial Truck Group will put you on the road to streamlined operations and increased sales and profitability. Membership is open to PPG customers in the United States and Canada and is subject to space availability and other restrictions. To be eligible, you must be willing to submit data for benchmark reporting and participate actively in meetings. Shops that compete directly with each other are not permitted in the group.

For more information about joining PPG’s Commercial Truck Group, contact your local PPG commercial territory manager.


It's your instant resource to find commercial distributors.


Corrosion Protection Audit

In the fight against corrosion, we protect metal. And reputations. With the proven technologies provided by PPG, we are dedicated to delivering corrosion protection to the trucking industry. To learn how PPG’s innovative coatings can meet your requirements and production capabilities, contact your local PPG representative or distributor. You can also request a complementary corrosion audit any time with our expert corrosion audit team.

Free Corrosion Protection Audit

Call upon our expertise and help ensure that your system for fighting corrosion on your commercial-grade equipment offers the best possible solution. To schedule your no-obligation, free PPG corrosion audit, contact a member of our corrosion audit team:

Lou Milanovich
(612) 325-8501

Get the Latest Knowledge in Fighting Galvanic Corrosion

This free corrosion white paper is just a sample of the understanding and insights that can make your operation and builds more effective.

Minimizing the effects of galvanic corrosion (.PDF, 2.58 MB)

Worldwide Experience. One-of-a-Kind Solutions

PPG delivers proven technology with the innovative, custom-tailored products for builders and upfitters across the globe. We can put our experience to work for you.


PPG Commercial Vehicle Paint Performance Warranty

Another Reason to Choose PPG as Your Partner for Commercial Coatings

The PPG Commercial Vehicle Paint Performance Warranty is a comprehensive guarantee program that will benefit not only commercial vehicle owners, but original equipment manufacturers and commercial refinishers as well. Here’s how it works:

The Best Products, the Best People—Backed by Powerful Support

We are so confident in our products and the people who apply them, that PPG will warrant, in writing, the durability of any paint work—either an original finish or repair—performed to PPG certification standards as outlined in the program. The duration of the warranty varies from 2- to 7-years, depending on the PPG product system used. Work must be performed by a PPG Certified Commercial Technician [Certified Technician]—specialists who are trained in the latest application procedures and products.

Customer Promotional Materials

As a Certified Finishing Center participating in the PPG Warranty Program, your business can make use of a variety of materials to promote the Warranty to customers and prospects. Many can be customized with your shop location and information through PPG Marketing on Demand. Promotional materials include a consumer pamphlet with display holder, lobby posters, document holders, interior cab hangers, and more. Contact your local PPG distributor for more information. For more detail about the program, download the PPG Commercial Vehicle Paint Performance Warranty brochure.

Delfleet® Evolution Certified Products List
Delfleet Essential® Certified Products List
Delfleet One Certified Products List


Commercial System Selector

The PPG Commercial Coatings System Selector is designed to provide general guidance on selecting the proper Commercial Coatings systems for 15 market segments and six common industry substrates. Market segments include agriculture, bus, body builder, blasted substrate, chassis/running gear, concrete, construction, ground support equipment, fire and emergency, fuel tanker, industrial parts and equipment, oil and gas field equipment, trailer, truck refurbishment, and truck collision. Substrates include aluminum, cold rolled steel, galvaneal, galvanized, hot rolled steel and stainless steel. The selector includes systems from the Delfleet® Evolution, Delfleet Essential®, Commercial Performance Coatings, and Amercoat® brands.

Commercial System Selector