Rules and Regulations

There are regulations in the U.S. and other countries that are designed to limit exposures to specific heavy metals due to environmental, health and/or safety concerns. Managers of coatings operations have the responsibility to be familiar with these regulations and assess how they may affect their employees and their business. Before using a coatings product, the entire product label and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) should be reviewed. It is essential that facilities understand what they are working with and how to safely handle products. Wall charts are available on this website for many product lines that list popular compliant coatings options.

Heavy Metals Regulation

The link below is a general guide to some of the rules and regulations that affect the use of certain heavy metals contained in PPG Refinish coatings products. This document is not intended to be all-inclusive.

View Heavy Metal Rules reference document

Substrate Cleaner Guidance Under Auto Refinish Regulations in North America

Parts of North America have auto refinish regulations that carry the lowest VOC standards for products used - based on the California Air Resources Board Suggested Control Measure (CARB SCM) model rule. These auto refinish regulations are found in California, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC and Canada. Typically, they call for cleaners with a VOC content at 0.21 lbs./gal., with a few exceptions. VOC limits for all coatings categories and products compliant with those regulations are well documented.

Outside of those jurisdictions, the remainder of the US generally follows national rule VOC limits for coatings categories. However, a few parts of the country have unique substrate cleaner VOC limits that local shops should be aware. PPG Refinish offers a variety of products, compliant with local regulations. The document below lists those regions, their regulations and recommended PPG OneChoice® cleaners.

Download the Substrate Cleaner Guidance Document