Training Guides

The PPG Automotive Refinish training department has created these supplemental guides for professional painters attending our training courses. These guides are not intended to replace any training or certification program, but to provide reference information for painters. For complete information about the use of any PPG product, please refer to the appropriate product data sheets.

Custom Restoration Guide

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Custom Builders and Restorations was developed by PPG Refinish with you in mind. No matter what vehicle or vehicle substrate you are working on, this guide outlines PPG's recommended process for successfully surface prepping and painting your project.

Along with these SOPs, you should also refer to the helpful information contained in PPG's product data sheets that are available for each of the products you will be using.

Custom Restoration Guide

Common Paint Defects GuideIdentifying Common Paint Defects Guide

This guide on identifying and solving the most common paint defects goes over some common paint defects including, but not limited to acid rain, clearcoat yellowing, peeling, rail dust, and staining. With each common defect a description is given to help identify it, what causes it, how to prevent it and then finally how to correct the defect that you are experiencing.

Identifying Common Paint Defects Guide

Matte Care Finish GuideMatte Finish Care Guide

A matte or low-gloss finish is a unique exterior finish that gives your vehicle a distinctively different appearance. It requires special care to maintain this unique look.

To maintain your vehicle's matte finish for years to come, please refer to the maintenance recommendations in the Matte Finish Care Guide.

Matte Finish Care Guide

Cover of the OEM Color Code Locations guideOEM Color Code Locations Guide

Need help finding the manufacturer paint code for a vehicle? Use this OEM Color Code Locations guide as a quick reference for locating the paint code on Domestic and Import vehicles.

This guide will be helpful for finding the paint code locations going back several years, as locations have been consistent among OEM manufacturers for some time now. For several manufacturers, multiple possible locations are indicated in this guide. This information is also included in PPG's annual Domestic and Import Color Information books.

OEM Color Code Locations Guide

Cover of the Basic Assumptions Refinishing guideRefinishing Assumptions Guide

PPG Industries Automotive Refinish group makes these assumptions based on accepted industry practices, our knowledge, past experience and feedback from our employees and customers. These assumptions are intended to be used by collision repairers for reference and support documentation to promote a better understanding of the refinishing process to their customers.

For complete information, please refer to the appropriate product data sheets.

Refinish Assumptions Guide