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Custom Restoration Guide

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Custom Builders and Restorations was developed by PPG Refinish with you in mind. No matter what vehicle or vehicle substrate you are working on, this guide outlines PPG's recommended process for successfully surface prepping and painting your project.

Along with these SOPs, you should also refer to the helpful information contained in PPG's product data sheets that are available for each of the products you will be using.

We hope you find this guide an easy-to-follow, valuable asset for achieving your vision—a beautiful paint finish that will last for years.

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We’ve created a class that helps painters achieve great results with custom restoration projects from prep-time to show-time. In the seminar you’ll learn about the latest products to use and the processes to apply them. You’ll learn about the various substrates you might encounter after sanding down to the metal—and the best ways to prepare them. And with the wide variety of products available to choose from, we can help guide you in selecting the best undercoats, getting that great-looking, authentic color, and choosing the right clears that’ll turn heads and protect your vehicle for years to come.

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Table of Contents

Use the following links to access a specific section in the online version of the guide.

Getting Started

Stripping of the Substrate: Surface Preparation—Metal Substrates

Stripping of the Substrate: Plastic Substrates

Protecting the Unprotected: Masking Tips

Atomizing the Paint: Spray Gun Equipment

Overview of the Undercoats: Primers and Surfacers

Recognition of the Pigmentation: Color Identification

Application of the Paint: Sealer, Single-Stage, Basecoat, Clearcoat

Completion of the Project: Finished Paint Procedures