MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, April 6, 2021 – PPG (NYSE:PPG) today announced that it has expanded the capabilities of the PPG AdjustRite™ commercial estimating system by adding SEM adhesives, sealers and undercoats to the platform’s Commercial Parts Listing Program supplier database. SEM Products, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of specialized automotive refinish products.

“We’re very pleased to add SEM products to our parts resource,” said Doug Orr, PPG AdjustRite™ manager. “By listing SEM products within the PPG AdjustRite™ system, users now can load the part number and current price at the same time that a collision repair estimate is being prepared. This eliminates the need to locate and price the parts manually or go outside the system, which can be a time-consuming effort.”

Suppliers such as SEM also can benefit from the PPG AdjustRite™ system integration.

“Enabling SEM to post its product catalog online via the PPG AdjustRite™ system provides the company with direct exposure to many of the same PPG AdjustRite™ system users – truck fleets, repair centers, dealerships and more,” said Orr.

As the industry’s only commercial estimating program designed specifically for medium-to-heavy-duty truck repairs (and now the RV market), the PPG AdjustRite™ commercial estimating system works on all web-enabled computers, including mobile devices that meet system requirements. Estimates can be managed from the office or shop or in the field. The system is also Estimate Management Standard (EMS)-capable, enabling it to communicate easily with other shop management systems.

For more information about the PPG AdjustRite™ commercial estimating system, call 941-391-1001 or visit www.adjustrite.com. For information about PPG commercial coating products, call 800-647-6050 or visit www.ppgcommercialcoatings.com.

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