Available Now! Updated Sales Brochures

The Aquabase® Plus overview brochure and product guides have been updated to reflect current products and the latest Color Solutions tools available. This literature is now available through the PPG online ordering system. In addition, digital versions are available to download below.

Overview:  AQBR2

 Product Guide - AQPSG

New Posters

Split Personality -  AQPPOSSRCA

Beautifully Engineered - AQPOS4
Advanced Technology - AQPOS05


Our new "Split Personality" poster features a Classic 1966 Corvette Stingray that was split in half and widened by 6-3/8" inches to accommodate a modern Corvette Z06 interior. To complete this striking car, builder Scott Roth painted it with a sleek-looking Aquabase® Plus finish in Shark Skin Grey Metallic.  Part Number:  AQPPOSSRCA

As a reminder, we also offer a series of posters modeled after our Aquabase® Plus print ads. All are available in English and French, and they make great gifts for your customers to display in their office or lobby.  Pictured above are the Advanced Technology (AQPOS05) and the Beautifully Engineered (AQPOS4) posters.

These items and more are available through online ordering.

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