MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – January 10, 2018
PPG has announced its collision refinish training schedule for the first quarter of 2018. Classes cover a wide variety of subjects and are designed to ensure that PPG paint technicians stay up to date with their refinish certification and knowledge of PPG products, processes and technological advances.

PPG collision refinish training classes are held at PPG Business Development Centers and numerous field locations across the U.S. and Canada and are led by expert PPG trainers. The courses take one to two days and provide extensive classroom instruction along with hands-on work in the spray booth. Technicians are given generous opportunities for informal discussions and Q&A sessions with the trainers.

Collision refinish courses cover PPG premium brands including the ENVIROBASE® High Performance, AQUABASE® Plus, DELTRON® and GLOBAL REFINISH SYSTEM® lines, with certification and recertification offered for each brand. Programs encompass a comprehensive range of topics from product selection, equipment and color tools to surface preparation and paint application best practices. Color tinting classes are also offered for each brand. Classes are available in Spanish and French in some locations.

PPG refinish technicians must be certified and then recertified every two years to make certain they stay current with ever-evolving industry developments. When PPG paint technicians and their respective collision centers are certified, the centers may offer the PPG Lifetime Limited Paint Performance Guarantee — a valued edge over the competition — to their customers. Technicians must maintain their PPG certification for the collision center to continue participating in the PPG paint guarantee program.

Course descriptions with January, February and March dates, locations, registration instructions, and information about other avaialble training classes can be found here.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective system for refinishing today’s passenger cars, trucks and SUVs - with prime color match ability and process efficiency, choose the Shop-Line® refinish system from PPG and available exclusively from your PPG Platinum Distributor.

Key to the color matching performance of the Shop-Line® Plus system is its compact mixing platform featuring high-strength, highly chromatic toners, special-effect diamond toners, an advanced basecoat converter and a mixing clear -- all designed to deliver the color matching accuracy and fast-drying performance demanded of a modern basecoat system.

The system can also be configured to meet North America’s most stringent VOC compliance regulations and is easy-to-use.

Mix ratios are kept simple, common hardeners reduce system complexity, and technicians will find the Shop-Line® Plus basecoat easy to spray, with coverage achieved in minimal coats.

To meet the needs of any shop, this color platform is supported by a full range of primers, sealers, and clearcoats—including speed, production, and high-gloss Euro-style options for National Rule and low VOC areas.

Recognized industry-wide for its color superiority over competing brands, the Shop-Line® Plus system leverages PPG’s leadership in color matching tools and expertise. This means access to PPG’s global color network of over 2 and a half million formulas capable of matching the latest OEM finishes. Plus, there’s an unrivaled selection of historic color formulas for restoring classic vehicles.

Users of the Shop-Line® Plus platform also enjoy access to PPG’s industry-leading family of color tools. Arranged chromatically, the Shop-Line® Color Deck features over 2,100 sprayed chips - including tri-coats. The new TouchMix® XI all-in-one computer simplifies the paint mixing process and connects effortlessly with PaintManager® XI software, our advanced formula retrieval and paint management program, and the all-new RapidMatch® XI spectrophotometer reads the vehicle’s actual color and texture, to work seamlessly with PaintManager® software to find a blendable match.

Backing up the Shop-Line® system is the excellent service and support you can expect from your PPG Platinum Distributor. Since they exclusively carry PPG refinish products, the knowledge and expertise they provide can’t be beat.

Learn more about the Shop-Line® Refinish System

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – January 23, 2018
PPG MVP Business Solutions has released its schedule of training classes for the first quarter of 2018. The classes are offered at various locations across the United States and Canada and present innovative and effective business solutions for owners and managers of collision centers using PPG products. The classes are designed to help shops improve their bottom line through the use of exclusive MVP performance-accelerating processes.

MVP classes are a part of PPG’s overall commitment to the industry and a key component of the strong relationship PPG builds with its customers. MVP provides participants with opportunities to examine their current business processes and practices and, through these classes, work with experts to determine the steps needed to adjust or revamp their approach toward a more successful business model.

A partial list of MVP classes scheduled for January through March 2018 includes Advanced Estimating, Business of Parts Management, Business in the 21st Century, Continuing Education Instructor Development Course and Elevating the Customer Experience. A complete up-to-date schedule of class dates and locations is available at www.ppgmvp.com. All MVP classes can be arranged for specific regions and shops to address particular issues.

“At PPG, we are in the collision industry for the long haul and realize that our success is dependent on our customers’ success,” said Jim Berkey, PPG director, Business Solutions Refinish. “When our customers are competitive and prosperous, we are as well. So it’s important to us to offer the most comprehensive training in the refinish industry — training that keeps our customers in front.”

Customer response has been positive to MVP training.

“We use the results of (MVP) job relations training in our everyday work,” said John Gustafson, Gustafson Brothers Inc., Huntington Beach, California. “It’s made us a better company with better employees . . . . The sooner you get the training, the sooner you’ll get the results you want.” (Hear more from Gustafson.)

Beyond the specific classes offered this quarter, Berkey points out that MVP offerings include

  • Fundamental one- and two-day classes including Estimating, Paint Shop Throughput, Parts Management and Professional Sales;
  • A comprehensive Lean for Collision system of training and on-site Rapid Improvement Workshops;
  • Shop Layout and Design, Precision Marketing and Continuing Education;
  • Industry-leading Business Solutions Conferences.

To learn more about PPG MVP training, consulting and resources, including details of seminars and workshops, visit the Explore Our Programs page at www.ppgmvp.com or call (866) 237-8178.

Offering outstanding performance and value from start to finish … the Omni® Plus color system elevates the brand’s proven range of refinish products to the next level. A complete, yet compact mixing system, Omni® Plus extend the basic Omni® mixing system with:

  • High-strength and highly chromatic toners
  • Special effect diamond toners, pearls, a full range of metallic flakes
  • And an advanced basecoat converter

The system was designed to deliver impressive color matching accuracy, high hiding, fast dry and overall excellent performance, with exceptional value in mind. As a complete refinish system for today’s vehicles, including those with tricoat finishes, the Omni® Plus line includes the latest 2K primers and sealers, and an excellent choice of clearcoats, from speed clears for production to Euro-quality, multi-panel clears offering exceptional gloss at an affordable price.

In a nutshell, the Omni® Plus system offers everything required for achieving a quality repair with impressive process performance, and with the availability of a complete set of compliant toners, primers and clears, collision shops in low-VOC regulated regions can also benefit from the proven color matching performance of the Omni® Plus system.

For ease of use, mix ratios are kept simple, with common hardeners. And technicians will find the Omni® Plus system easy to apply, spraying with just a few coats. Industry-recognized for its superior color match over competing brands, Omni® Plus basecoat leverages PPG’s unrivaled color technology innovation and leadership. This means instant access to PPG’s global color network and color matches for the latest OEM finishes … as well as classic colors used on restoration projects.

Users of the Omni® Plus platform also enjoy access to PPG’s industry-leading family of color tool solutions. This includes the Omni® color deck, which contains over 2,100 sprayed chips. Updated annually, these large chips are chromatically arranged for quick access to the right color match for your job.

The all-new RapidMatch® XI Spectrophotometer accurately reads vehicle color and texture information and connects seamlessly with PPG’s renowned PaintManager® XI software program and the new TouchMix® XI computer to streamline the paint mixing process and ensure an accurate color match – getting it right, the first time.

Customers have instant access to PPG’s world-class distribution network, along with best-in-class service, training and support resources to maximize your product experience. Offering the best color match in its segment – with peace of mind performance – in a compact, viable solution delivered at an affordable price.

Learn more about the OMNI Plus refinish system

To support the need for nickel free color formulas in restricted areas, we are releasing three new nickel containing paint systems in the Delfleet® Evolution brand topcoats. New nickel containing paint systems FDGH SOL NC, FBCH SOL NC, and FDSU SOL NC are viewable now on ColorMobile® and will be included in the next PaintManager® software update

As a reminder, these new NC paint systems will contain only formulas with the nickel toner F3520 in them. Moving forward, the original SOL paint systems will no longer house formulas with nickel. If a user cannot use nickel toners in their area, then only FDGH SOL, FBCH SOL, and FDSU SOL paint systems should be chosen when PaintManager® software is set up. Users without restrictions can also include the NC versions in their paint system set up.

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