Offering outstanding performance and value from start to finish … the Omni® Plus color system elevates the brand’s proven range of refinish products to the next level. A complete, yet compact mixing system, Omni® Plus extend the basic Omni® mixing system with:

  • High-strength and highly chromatic toners
  • Special effect diamond toners, pearls, a full range of metallic flakes
  • And an advanced basecoat converter

The system was designed to deliver impressive color matching accuracy, high hiding, fast dry and overall excellent performance, with exceptional value in mind. As a complete refinish system for today’s vehicles, including those with tricoat finishes, the Omni® Plus line includes the latest 2K primers and sealers, and an excellent choice of clearcoats, from speed clears for production to Euro-quality, multi-panel clears offering exceptional gloss at an affordable price.

In a nutshell, the Omni® Plus system offers everything required for achieving a quality repair with impressive process performance, and with the availability of a complete set of compliant toners, primers and clears, collision shops in low-VOC regulated regions can also benefit from the proven color matching performance of the Omni® Plus system.

For ease of use, mix ratios are kept simple, with common hardeners. And technicians will find the Omni® Plus system easy to apply, spraying with just a few coats. Industry-recognized for its superior color match over competing brands, Omni® Plus basecoat leverages PPG’s unrivaled color technology innovation and leadership. This means instant access to PPG’s global color network and color matches for the latest OEM finishes … as well as classic colors used on restoration projects.

Users of the Omni® Plus platform also enjoy access to PPG’s industry-leading family of color tool solutions. This includes the Omni® color deck, which contains over 2,100 sprayed chips. Updated annually, these large chips are chromatically arranged for quick access to the right color match for your job.

The all-new RapidMatch® XI Spectrophotometer accurately reads vehicle color and texture information and connects seamlessly with PPG’s renowned PaintManager® XI software program and the new TouchMix® XI computer to streamline the paint mixing process and ensure an accurate color match – getting it right, the first time.

Customers have instant access to PPG’s world-class distribution network, along with best-in-class service, training and support resources to maximize your product experience. Offering the best color match in its segment – with peace of mind performance – in a compact, viable solution delivered at an affordable price.

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