MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, June 17, 2021 – PPG (NYSE:PPG) today announced the launch of AUE-20 OEM 2.1 VOC Clearcoat, which provides added durability and protection from ultraviolet (UV) sunlight on heavy-duty vehicles and equipment operating in harsh conditions. The new low-VOC clearcoat is formulated specifically for use over one of PPG’s approved AUE polyurethane topcoats from its Commercial Performance Coatings line.

“Our customers will appreciate how this new clearcoat can enhance the long-term durability and appearance of their assets,” said Michael Cooney, PPG product manager, industrial segments, commercial coatings, automotive refinish. “Painters will appreciate how easy the product is to apply, along with its excellent adhesion, film build and sag resistance.”

The addition of PPG AUE-20 OEM 2.1 Clearcoat enables PPG to offer a complete low-VOC system for targeted customers. The system includes a zinc-rich epoxy primer, mid-coat corrosion-resistant epoxy primer and 2.8 VOC direct-gloss colors, allowing customers limited by a VOC emissions cap to spray more product and increase their total output.

The introduction of PPG AUE-20 OEM 2.1 VOC Clearcoat coincides with the release of PPG’s Q99/01 High Temperature/High Pressure Reducer. This new reducer is specifically formulated for use with PPG AUE-20 OEM 2.1 Clearcoat when application temperatures are high or when high-pressure equipment is being used.

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, June 8, 2021 – PPG (NYSE:PPG) today announced the launch of PPG Delfleet Essential® ESSS979392 Jet Black factory package topcoat, which helps commercial repair facilities save time, improve productivity and ensure consistent color matches.

“This new premixed Jet Black topcoat offers the convenience of not having to mix the paint and further ensures color consistency from job to job,” said Scott Colvin, PPG brand manager, fleet segments, commercial coatings, U.S. and Canada. “It offers our customers the opportunity to deliver a rich, deep black appearance while streamlining their paint process, thereby increasing profitability.”

The new Jet Black color joins four other colors currently in the PPG Defleet Essential® factory package lineup: GM50 Olympic White, White, Black and Flat Black. Each pre-mixed topcoat has volatile organic compound (VOC) rating of 2.8 pounds per gallon and features excellent vertical stability on rivets and sharp edges and can be used as a direct gloss or basecoat color.

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