Automotive Refinish

Designed for color excellence and process optimization, AQUABASE® Plus basecoat is the groundbreaking waterborne technology proven in thousands of collision centers worldwide.

An American Original. As America’s best-selling refinish system, DELTRON® products have a track record of color excellence and process efficiency. The system provides a full range of products that cover every conceivable need from start to finish.

As North America’s best-selling waterborne basecoat, the ENVIROBASE® High Performance paint system is the industry leader for color-matching accuracy and increased throughput utilizing an environmentally progressive technology.

For the cost-conscious repair shop, the OMNI™ refinish system offers performance and value—with a complete range of refinish products from pre-treatments to topcoats.

The GLOBAL REFINISH SYSTEM™ was developed in Europe by PPG’s advanced coatings technology team to meet the demand for a high-performance, high-solids system that delivers superior color-matching for vehicles sold around the world.

This line of ancillary specialty products is designed to work seamlessly with numerous PPG automotive, fleet and commercial performance coating systems.

Available exclusively from PPG Platinum Distributors, this complete lineup of topcoats and support products offers cost-effective solutions for economy-minded refinishers that want the ideal balance between performance and price.

A complete system of automotive refinishing coatings, VALUE-PRO™ products are for professional refinishers seeking the perfect balance between economy and quality performance.

Commercial Coatings

Provide heavy duty protection against chemical contact, corrosion, abrasion, and impact damage in the harshest of end use environments. Segments include Transportation, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agricultural and Construction Equipment, and Industrial Machinery.

As part of the Commercial Performance Coatings product line, The AQUACRON® line of water-based resins offers cost-effective, low VOC topcoat solutions for a diverse range of end uses—from trailers and agricultural equipment to energy equipment and shipping containers.

PPG Commercial Performance Coatings offers the right combination of products and technologies that meet your specific application and productivity requirements, from economical alkyds and epoxies to the latest, high-performance, low-VOC urethanes, powder coatings and AQUACRON® water-based products.

For added metal protection and sound dampening qualities, PPG has you covered with its line of specialty technologies.

DELFLEET ESSENTIAL® products create an easy-to-use, compliant system that delivers quality single-stage and base-clear finishes at an economical price.

When it comes to the rugged demands of transportation, fleets, and other commercial equipment, the DELFLEET® Evolution system delivers a premium quality finish with the toughness to endure harsh operating environments.

The Delfleet One™ paint system from PPG—an innovative, truly revolutionary solution that delivers unparalleled color capability, painter-friendly application, versatile speed control for all types of jobs, and the industry’s lowest VOC ratings.

ONECHOICE® COMMERCIAL offers solutions for multiple special needs and application requirements in various markets.

Custom Finishes

Spark your imagination with the VIBRANCE COLLECTION®. Formulate your own unique colors with our toners and dyes, or select from one of our high-octane color palettes. Because you sweat even the smallest details, we offer a huge range of micas, flakes and crystals for heavenly glows and sparkling shines. For the wildest rides, we offer a variety of “color travel” and novelty effects.

Product Partners