Trademark Ownership and Attribution

Big Flake™, Color Accurate™, Duragel™, Final Scuff™, Multi-Prep™, Murano™, Paint drop in concentric circles over diamond design, Platinum E-College™, PPG Logo (Revised Version) Collision Services™, PPG Plus™, Series20™, Starfire™, Value-Pro™, We protect and beautify the world™ and We've Got You Covered™ are trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

1 Shot® & Arrow & Concentric Circles Designs, the 2K logo, Acryli-Clean®, AdjustRite®, Amercoat®, Amerlock®, Aquabase®, the Bulls Eye logo, Ceramiclear®, CertifiedFirst®, Chromatic®, ColorMobile®, ColorTalk®, Concept®, Convert with Confidence®, Crystallance®, Delclear®, Delfleet®, Delfleet Essential®, Delfleet One®, Delta®, Deltron®, Dependable Ditzler Finishes D and Design, Diamond Coat®, Ditzler®, Durablade®, Durabull®, Duracryl®, Durethane®, Ecobase®, En-V®, Envirez®, Envirobase®, EuroPlus®, FerroChrome®, Field Master®, Flamboyance®, Flexative®, Flexed "N" Flat®, H2OSoClean®, H2O-So-Clean®, Inxel Logo,  LiquidMetal®, Make it Happen with PPG®, MaxMeyer Car w/ Dog, Paint Brush & Paint Can in White Circle, Mireon®, Miscellaneous Design(Huey Paint Drop Caricature), Matthews Paint® & Droplet & Rounded Rectangle, MVP Business Solutions® &  MVP Stylized, NCT®, Nexa®, Nexa Autocolor® and design, Nous Avons Passe au Vert®, Omni®, One Visit®, OneChoice®, Paint Drops Designs in Color, PaintManager®, PPG Global Refinish System® and design, the PPG logo, PPGCentral®, Prizmatique®, Quick Minor Damage Repair® and circle design in rectangle,   Red Cap®, RoadGuard®, Satin Prime®, Shop-Line®, SideView Window®, SparkleMist®, Street Sweets®, TechniFill®, TechniGlaze®, TecStar®, Thermax®, TotalSeal®, TouchMix®, Uni-Prime®, Urotec®, Velocity®, Vibrance Collection A PPG Brand® and Design, Vibrance Collection A PPG Brand in Stylized Letters with Line, V-Prime®, V-Seal®, We've Gone Green®, X-Ray Estimating® and X-Ray Repair Planning® are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

Aquapon® is a registered trademark of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc. © 2021 PPG Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.

ECK® is a registered trademark of Van Nay, LLC, used under license.