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PD-0632: Creating Sprayout Card

A sprayout card can be a helpful tool when trying to achieve a blendable color match. This standard operating procedure (SOP) covers the steps required when creating a sprayout card.

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PD-0631: Identify Color Formula

Identifying the correct color formula is the essential first step in achieving a good match of an OEM color.  This standard operating procedure (SOP) discusses the proper procedure for identifying proper color formulas.

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PD-0235: Bumper Sensor Process

When repairing a vehicle with bumper sensors, it is important to only paint a new sensor if the existing sensor is painted. This standard operating procedure (SOP) discusses refinishing a vehicle with bumper sensors.

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PD-0730: Clearcoat Application

Applying a quality clearcoat over a basecoat color not only provides a superior gloss, it protects the color from fading and enhances appearance, scratch resistance, and overall durability.

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PD-0702: Internal Repair Product Application

PPG's internal repair system is designed to provide a simple repair process when there's a specific underhood color or where the internal area is a low gloss version of the external color.

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PD-0130: Metal Parts Prep - LKQ Painted Parts

LKQ (Like Kind or Quality) parts often require cleaning or other repairs before applying the final coat. This standard operating procedure (SOP) covers how to properly prepare LKQ parts.

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